I am from...

I am from the sticky treetops 
that border the garden.  
I am from giant lego santas 
and chocolate biscuit cake.

I’m from raincoats, knitted jumpers, 
and hand-me-down threads. 
I'm from obstacle courses, 
and cozy shared beds.
I'm from ponytails, swimsuits, 
and my first watch from Gran.   
I’m from soup and brown bread to croquettes and ham. 

I'm from wobbly stone walls and the freedom of fields.  
From wet windy cycles and welcome freewheels. 

I’m from blueprints of father to doodles of nephew.
From camp trips and journeys squashed in the car. 

I’m from “always be yourself” to “because that's the why"  
and talking through walls and the odd white lie. 

I’m from Grace, Maeve, John, Orla, Bridie and Mam. 
I’m from Emmet-the-man with the easygoing plan. 

I’m from paper and pencils, from scissors and glue. 
I’m from past, from present... and from future too. 

Two drawings of home I made in 1985 and 2010
Poem structure inspired by Lois Fein... thanks Lois. 

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